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Translation services are vital for communication. With thousands of languages spoken across the world and hundreds of them in the United States, it is critical that businesses and individuals have access to professional translation services in order to conduct business and communicate successfully with others. No one can afford to ignore other languages and dialects in our multi-cultural, multi-lingual world.


However, most individuals do not have the skill needed to successfully translate documents. While many people are “bi-lingual” due to early childhood training and influences, few use their second language beyond common conversational interactions. Translating a legal or business document may be far beyond their capabilities.


GDR is a leading translation service that offers professional human translation services for all documents, websites and other written communication. Small, mid-sized or large companies as well as individuals can benefit from GDR’s professional translation services.


We offer the following services:


We are:

  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • Fast
  • Competitively Priced


We will address all your documentation needs.

GDR Team


All of our staff are trained and experienced in:


We are here to answer your questions and to ensure your satisfaction with our services.


Types of Documents


GDR has professionals available who can translate any type of document, including:


GDR always utilizes professionals who understand the particular language and terms of various types of communication. By entrusting our translation to professionals, clients receive fast and accurate translations of all important documents that accounts for industry-specific terminology and idioms.


GDR can make translations into any common language and many dialects.


GDR also offers additional services for clients, including:



How Does GDR Supply Translations?


GDR guarantees that all translations will be performed in the United States. Many companies send documents out of the country to have them translated by native speakers. GDR believes in keeping these services close to home and contracts with native speakers who live close to our offices. This gives us a much greater degree of control over confidentiality and protection of the important documents entrusted by clients to GDR.


Benefits of GDR Translation


Translation services are critical if people are to be given the chance to take advantage of opportunities. Translations may be necessary in order to open new business opportunities, to enroll in educational classes or programs, or to comply with legal requirements or company regulations. GDR can provide translation for these and other needs.


GDR can provide translation for the following purposes:

  • Translation of personal documents such as letters, emails and other communication
  • Interpretation of confusing passages of text
  • Cultural training and sensitivity to account for context and connotation
  • Understanding of local dialects and how they affect meaning
  • Website translation into target languages and dialects to reach a wider audience


GDR provides flexible, reliable translation services for all major languages and dialects to provide complete service no matter what language clients speak. GDR also networks continually with outside sources to develop channels for translation services that can be accessed quickly. This helps GDR provide the fastest and most reasonably-priced translation services possible for clients.


Trust GDR for all business and personal translation needs in dozens of languages. GDR is committed to providing the fastest, most dependable and most reasonably-priced translation services possible to every client.


Office Location


We are Located in Newport Beach California. GDR Services has been providing Translation and Documentation Services in Orange County and California since 1987. 

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