We give our clients the best possible service and prices. Our new price list is meant as a guideline. The price will vary based on the documents:

Please note that all translations are CERTIFIED and NOTARIZED.






Notary Fee:

Per Signature Contact us  
Loan Sign up Contact us  
Out of Office Loan Sign-up Contact us  
Traveling Fee Contact us  

Translation fees:

Persian to English:    
Birth Certificate of Single Individual Contact us  
Birth Certificate of Married Individual Contact us  
Divorce Certificate (Immigration Purpose) Contact us   
Divorce Certificate (Court Trial) Contact us   
Death Certificate Contact us  
Driver license Contact us  
Degree certificate Contact us  
Academic Transcripts (per semester)                                                           Contact us  
Evaluation of Academic Records Contact us   
Spanish to English:                                                                                     
Birth Certificate Contact us
Divorce Certificate Contact us  
Academic Transcripts (per semester)   Contact us





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