Language is our Business. Multilingual Translation


General Documentation Resources (GDR) translates documents from and into all major languages of the world.

Please note that we do not send your documents overseas to be translated! GDR has over 200 Certified Translators locally.


We provide translation of all kinds of documents, such as:



General Documentation Resources (GDR) also offers:


  • Editing and proofreading (personal, literary, business)
  • Letter writing (personal, business)
  • Transcribing audio and video


We provide different types of translation such as:



Certified Translation:

Certified Translation is a translation with declaration of its accuracy and completeness by the translator who also testifies to his/her ability to translate that particular document. It must be signed by the translator. Most legal and immigration documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, academic transcript require a certified translation.


Notarized Translation:

Notarized Translation is when the signature of a translator is verified by a Notary Public. Most legal and official government entities require the signature of the translator to be also notarized. Please check with the institution where you need to submit your documents to verify if they need a Notarized Translation. You can also contact our office “General Documentation Resources” for consultation.


Business Translation:

Business Translation is a translation of informal documents such as administrative, business and personal correspondence which may include E-mails, letters or websites.


Literary Translation:

Literary Translation is a translation of novels, poetry, books, newspapers and magazine articles. It is vital to localize and adapt to the culture of the target language, in order to preserve the meaning of the intended message. GDR is expert in providing all kinds of literary translation including audio-visual presentations.


Interpretation Service:

We have several Court Certified and / or American Translators Association Certified Interpreters for every major language. These interpreters are experienced in court and deposition settings as well as medical, social, and other oral communication.



Our fees depend on language, quantity and nature of the documents. In order to provide an accurate and reasonable quote on a project, we believe it is best to study the project first. You can always get a free quote by filling our online form or calling our office at (949) 752-5555.


GDR will always provide a fair estimate for your translation projects within 1-2 hours.


How long does it take to translate a document?

Depending on the quantity and the target language of a document, most translations are completed within one to five business days.


Short documents such as Certificates could be translated within 24 hours.


We provide Express Translation in urgent cases. Please contact us for more information.

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