General Documentation Resources offers several Court certified and / or American Translators Association Certified Interpreters for every major Language. These interpreters are experienced in court and deposition as well as Medical and Social, and other oral communication.


We have quality translation services for all purposes. Whether clients need official interpretations for court proceedings or interpretation for medical, social and other oral forms of communication, GDR can provide quick and reliable interpretation services in every major language.


GDR employs skilled interpreters in most states and major cities. Interpreters can be available for meetings, court proceedings, educational seminars and other interactions and can provide services in major languages and dialects to ensure complete communication and understanding.


We provides Interpretation Services for all major languages. We offer our services in most States and cities of United States.  Please note that Interpretation Services need advance booking.  Feel free to contact us for a free quote.


The fees might vary depending on the location, time, language, and type of interpretation.


GDR Provides Interpretation Services for all purposes such as:

 Multilingual Court Certified Interpretation

  • USCIS Appointment
  • Doctor Visits
  • Business Meeting
  • Medical Appointments
  • Teleconference
  • Court


Languages we translate:

GDR has a network of professional interpreters that work in most major languages and dialects. We offer Certified Translation Service from and into all major languages of the world such as:














Chinese (Simplified)




Chinese (Traditional)


Portuguese (Brazil)




Portuguese (Portugal)










Farsi (Persian)





GDR can provide accurate and reliable translation and interpretation services for these languages as well as many local dialects.


People often book interpreters for meetings such as:

  • Immigration appointments
  • Medical visits
  • Legal consultations
  • Court appearances
  • Business meetings and teleconferences


How Can I Book an Interpreter?


Because interpretation is usually a face-to-face activity, interpretation services often require advanced booking. It is often necessary to schedule an interpreter’s travel and accommodation for an event, so the more notice GDR has the more easily we can book an interpreter and provide the right translation services at the right location and the right time.


When clients contact GDR for interpretation services, we consider the complexity of the request, the original and target languages involved and the length of time the interpreter will be working in developing a price quote. When a client contacts us, we provide a professional scheduling expert to discuss the various needs of the client and work with him or her to arrange an interpretation session and to price it fairly and reasonably.


Why Should I Use GDR?


GDR has over 25 years of successful experience in the business of translation and interpretation of many languages. GDR guarantees fast delivery of all projects and reliable, accurate translation and interpretation, no matter what the original or target language. The GDR team is professional, trustworthy and experienced and best of all, all translators are located in the United States. This prevents expensive travel as well as ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of document translations—no need to send sensitive material overseas.


GDR translators and interpreters always take cultural influences into account. It is not enough to simply translate word-for-word; connotation and idiom must also be considered. At GDR, the professional translators and interpreters understand not only the vocabulary of a language but its implications as well.


GDR guarantees 100 percent customer satisfaction with every job, no matter how large or small. Every client is important at GDR, whether you simply want an interpreter to accompany you to a doctor’s appointment or need translation services in multiple languages for an important report or business document. GDR provides safe, fast and reliable results to each and every client we serve.


Some of the facts that make your decision easier:



Over 25 years of successfull operation


Fast Turnaround:

We guarantee the fastest delivery time of your project possible.



Our professional team of Certified Translators are well experienced and trustworthy. Better yet, they are all located in United States.


100% Satisfactory:

We provide accurate document translation. Zero complain and 100% client satisfaction shows our excellent record which makes your decision easier.



Our wide multi-cultural team of translators makes sure your document translation is tailored to the cultural traits of the target audience.


Do not forget:

Language is our business!



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