Notarized Translation

Most people considering translation services are concerned with the transfer of words from one language to another. This is obviously important, and a certified transcript of a translation may be necessary to validate the contents of a document to authorities.


However, while certified translations guarantee that the content of one document is the same as that of another document in a different language, the person signing the document could be anyone. Without proper identification and the signature of a notary public, officials have no guarantee that someone else did not sign the paper.


Therefore, most authorities require a notarized signature on any official document. The notarization does not guarantee the document’s contents, as a certification does; rather, it guarantees that the person whose signature is on the document is the person identified.


What Is A Notarized Translation?

Notarized Translation is when the signature of a translator is verified by Notary Public. Most legal and official government entities require the signature of the translator to be also notarized. Please check with the institution where you need to submit your documents if they need Notarized Translation. You can also call our office “General Documentation Resources” for consultation. Notarized Translation may be used for various purposes such as U.S Immigration (USCIS), High School and University enrolments and many other local, state, and Federal government official.


GDR Provides Notarized Translation of all type of documents such as:

 Multilingual Notarized Translation

  • Adoption Papers
  • Medical Records
  • Depositions
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Legal Statements
  • Driver's License
  • Apostille



Languages we translate:

We offer Notarized Translation Service from and into all major languages of the world such as:














Chinese (Simplified)




Chinese (Traditional)


Portuguese (Brazil)




Portuguese (Portugal)










Farsi (Persian)





What Types of Documents Require Notarization?


Anyone can require notarization of a document if the recipient wants assurance that the person who signed the document is actually the person listed. This means that many government, educational and medical agencies require notarized signatures if the person in question is not present when signing the papers.


Many types of documents can require notarization of the signature of the signer, the translator, or both. These include:

  • Legal documents such as depositions, wills, divorce petitions and lawsuit filings
  • Government-required documentation such as immigration petitions and applications, passport applications and requests for government services
  • Academic documents such as transcripts, application submissions and scholarship or grant applications
  • Medical documents such as medical histories, records, and requests for services such as surgery or treatment as well as applications for assistance with health care fees
  • Marriage license applications, birth certificates, death certificates and copies of divorce decrees
  • Adoption applications and supporting documents


Why Should I Use GDR?


GDR provides all the services necessary for certification and notarization of all translated documents in one convenient location. Documents are never sent overseas for processing; all translation and official notarization takes place in the United States through local professionals.


With more than 25 years of experience, GDR has the network of professional translators to handle any document translation need. GDR offers the fastest turnaround possible and reasonable prices based on the language and the complexity of the translation needs as well as services such as notarization that may be required. GDR always works with clients to provide the most cost-effective translation solutions.


GDR guarantees 100 percent client satisfaction with every document translation. Best of all, GDR also guarantees that its professionals will not only give a word-for-word, accurate translation of any document but that cultural factors will also be considered to give the document the most accurate and meaningful translation possible. With GDR, clients know that they are getting the best, most accurate and most understandable translations in any language by professionals located in the United States.


Some of the facts that make your decision easier:



Over 25 years of successfull operation


Fast Turnaround:

We guarantee the fastest delivery time of your project possible.



Our professional team of Certified Translators are well experienced and trustworthy. Better yet, they are all located in United States.


100% Satisfactory:

We provide accurate document translation. Zero complain and 100% client satisfaction shows our excellent record which makes your decision easier.



Our wide multi-cultural team of translators makes sure your document translation is tailored to the cultural traits of the target audience.


Do not forget:

Language is our business!

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